WordPress notification emails (nom nom nom)

If you are WordPress powered then you will be familiar with the notification emails that WP likes to send out. I completely failed to notice that I wasn’t receiving any of the afore mentioned emails when I set this blog up, indeed it was only when one of my readers (hi Chris) commented on my tardiness in moderating his comment, that I became aware of the problem. There are lots of people out there experiencing exactly the same symptom, and many more who will happily diagnose the condition and prescribe a multitude of PHP hacks and/or plugins to correct it, but do yourself a favour and try setting up an email address to match your blog first, e.g. wordpress@yourdomain.com. This fixed my problem, which stemmed from the fact that a new spam filter had been installed by my host as part of a service upgrade. The new spam filter is so voracious that it devours even slightly meaty content and apparently not having a valid from address is the email equivalent of Quorn, not really meat, but close enough to fool most people.