Same shit, different day

If you are a God botherer then you may not want to read this post, but you should.

As an alternative (or in addition) to the Queen’s Speech this year, there was a speech made by an extreme religious asshat who preached his usual run of the mill prejudice. No, not Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Pope, who informed us that mankind faces a threat akin to that of global warming – the gays. Seriously, explain to me the difference between denying the holocaust and declaring that the gays are going to kill us all, there isn’t one and that’s why the Pope is as extreme and irrelevant as Mr Ahmadinejad. Yet there are still plenty of Church of England clergy members threatening to switch allegiances to the Roman Catholic church if the ordination of female bishops is allowed to go ahead. My understanding of the objection is that it is based upon the fact that none of the Apostles were women, but I’ll ignore the obvious sexual discrimination here and head straight on to what I think is the larger issue: since the beliefs of the two churches in question are different how can anyone switch sides? As a non believer this sort of thing does little to convince me of the strength, or accuracy, of such people’s faith and leads me to be very glad of the separation between church and state.

The bottom line (and I’m aware that this may sound very smug – it’s meant too), out of all of your religions, only one is can be right.


*I could find no evidence of a legal separation between church and state in the UK, after all the Church of England is a state religion, but I’m pretty sure that the majority of Britains no longer believe in divine right.

Post tune: Killing In The Name, Rage Against The Machine, Rage Against The Machine.

Away and raffle your donought… sucka!

People who seek “success, career or money are building on sand”, said the man who had forged his career in the multi billion dollar Catholic conglomerate. If money means nothing, then why was the Catholic church so quick to hand out the Scrooge McDuck paper when multiple cases of child abuse were uncovered in America and why do you regularly appear draped in more gold than Mr T?

Away and raffle your donought… sucka!

The blog that laughs in the face of potential arrest!

Did you see the article about the number of bloggers being arrested around the world for criticism of governments and exposing human rights abuses. My immediate response was this: “Try me, I’ll make you famous!”. And before you start worrying Steve – Steve sent me a link a while ago to a story about a student that was suspended from school for something she posted on her blog – don’t. At least not yet..

Anyway, let’s get this show on the road, that’s right folks it’s brain dump time:

  • David Davis. Complete ignoramus or political genius? Can you believe that there is an MP who actually wants to represent his constituency based on his beliefs! No more whipped (excuse the pun) MPs voting with their party?!? I bet he’s got everyone in the House of Commons bricking it that the game is up and they might have to start representing us properly.
  • Neil, thanks for your enquiry about converting video files for use on an iPod. I took it as a challenge and have now managed to copy an entire film to my iPod Touch, I won’t name the film, but let’s just say it took 1.21 gigawatts of power to re-encode it.
  • Jehovah’s Witness given blood against will. A Jehovah’s Witness was taken to hospital and given a blood transfusion (strictly against their beliefs), despite carrying all the required paperwork to say that he did not wish to receive such treatment and excusing the people treating him from any obligation/responsibility. As much as I find the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses to be intangible, this is simply unacceptable. However, I would also add that I find it ridiculous that I now have to be a registered “keeper”, just to avoid having my organs harvested in the event of my death. Surely I should have to opt in rather than out?
  • I may have a website to design for a professional company, more details soon.
  • I have ditched Eclipse at home and am now using TextMate for my Java development. The built in support for ant is excellent, I wish I could use TextMate for all my development!

I’m out like a trout!

When someone starts a sentence with “I just want to see if this command works on your machine, so su to root and run…”. Don’t do it. Andy, your apology has been accepted (now that Vince has recovered my machine).

Ah, it reminds me of the time when a colleague said “Well, can’t we just edit the registry and change that one to a zero, I mean how much damage can it do?”. Answer: the machine needed a complete reinstall.

Shizophrenic or talking to God?

I watched an interesting programme last night on BBC2, it was all about religion and why some religious people are considered to be mentally ill, whilst others are not. The programme was part of a series about normality and was hosted by Dr Tanya Byron (I think), someone who I had never seen before watching the series, but who strikes me as someone who thinks along similar lines to myself. This particular programme was so interesting to me as it covered areas which I had myself considered and discussed with friends (hi Nige). Here are the key points I gleaned from the programme:

A preacher on the street is more likely to be labled as a “nutter” than the Pope. I don’t agree with this point of view, I consider them to be equal in their beliefs (delusions?), however, I have never been chased down the street by the Pope.

The onus is on religious people to prove the existence of God, or any other SCB (supreme cosmic being), as science dictates than we can only consider ourselves to know what we can prove – inspite of the fact that there is no greater preponderence of evidence to prove either standpoint. Religious people will always fall back to saying scientists have been wrong in the past (true) and that they *know* that they are right. Science will laugh in the face of this argument and state that science is not so arrogant as to know anything, rather it tends towards saying that our current understanding tells us that something is so, science will then laugh again and state that there are many different religions and only one of them can be right! (Science will laugh about this one for a while).

Religious people will be quick to tell you that religion has been a source of much good in the world, however, they will neglect to tell you that it has also been the cause of much suffering.

We (the non religious people) are in the main, happy to be tolerant of religion as long as it stays in it’s box. As soon as it begins to try to infringe upon our lives or is seen to be trying to con/ensnare the more susceptible among us we get cross. Britain tends to be much more secular and tolerant than other places, especially the United States – which is odd considering the reason why the United States was founded.

When speaking in tongues, a different part of the brain is active than when speaking normally. This proves…precisely nothing.

If there were no such concept as religion in todays world, most of the religious people would have been sectioned.

And finally – this is the best one. A religious person (TV presenter Jeremy Vine), when asked where he would take his daughter if she was ill, responded by stating that he would of course take her to a doctor and that taking her to a church would be a last resort. Draw your own conclusions.

So are religious people schizophrenic, or are they talking to God and more importantly is there a pixie sitting next to Nige right now?

Jehovah: Myth Busted?

I happened across a quote today, taken from Bertrand Russell’s 1927 lecture “Why I am not a Christian“. The statement was made as part of his discounting the First Cause argument:

“If everything must have a cause, then God must have a cause. If there can be anything without a cause, it may just as well be the world as God, so that there cannot be any validity in that argument.”

It is this reasoning which means that I cannot say with certainty that there is, or isn’t, a God/supreme cosmic being (and why there very well might be an invisible pixie sitting next to you right now Nige).

Eclecticism is a virtue.

This week has seen me experience a whole range of emotions, I just thought I would share them with you.

Made me laugh: The advert for the season finale of CSI:Miami on five. Several clips of the trademark Horatio sound bite/sunglasses combo followed by the words “We know how it will start, but how will it end”. Genius.

Got me out of my seat: This week was the RAW anniversary, celebrated  by a three hour special episode which was full of humor, great wrestling, and culminated in a beautifully orchestrated return for the Texas Rattle Snake. As Mr McMahon lay reeling on the mat post Mandible Claw and Chokeslam I think everybody was waiting to hear that glass shatter! Man I love Stone Cold!

Made me angry: The news reader from the BBC that decided to finish the news with the story of some cats that had been implanted with a jellyfish gene as part of some research into human genetic diseases, the result being that these cats now glowed red under a UV light. The news reader found this highly amusing, despite the fact that the cats did not consent to this procedure. Douche bag on wheels!

Made me sad: My Grandad had another fall this week. A trip to A&E ensued and for a while they thought he had broken his shoulder. Luckily he had only removed the skin from his arm, although he was quite shaken and my Dad had to stay with him that night.

Made me swear: Quite a few things actually – I curbed my alloys; a bus pulled out in front of me on the A27 and nearly took me out; Man United’s performance in the Champions League – I really wanted to join the group of teams that had gained maximum points; chalk up a plethora of expletives to debugging the afore mentioned code; Hazel Blears MP – did you see her on Question Time, sweet Jesus (more on him later) that woman is deluded.

Left me speechless: A documentary on a guy who believed that God had told him that he was the messiah and that the world would end some time in October 2007. He had managed to convince a group of other people that he was legit and they had begun to worship him. I just liked the fact that the documentary makers were clearly skeptical and considered the man to be some sort of nutter, but were willing to accept the rest of the bible as…well, gospel. Religious people crack me up!