Sup peeps, sorry for the stop-start nature to my blogging, please know that this is not due to a lack of inspiration but a complete lack of time… so without further a do.

A little while ago, a friend of mine was asking about the ReadyNAS experience, he was considering purchasing such a device himself and seemed particularly interested in DLNA support to the stage where he was considering purchasing a DLNA enabled TV. At that time I had not attempted to use the ReadyNAS in this way since I had no way to consume the data, but fast forward past the death of my Time Capsule and I had ripped all of the plaster board off of the wall in my room in my attempt to trace an old unused phone cable through to the main phone socket. I was going to steal the hole in the wall to cable up my bedroom, but the cable I was tracing disappeared down the side of the boiler and I still do not know where it goes, but luckily Yum Yum (one of my cats) found a worm separate old unused cable and so I used this hole instead. Now my PS3 is cabled to the network and so I have enabled the media server connection and it is legend… wait for it… dary. I get full and easy access to all of the music and video on my ReadyNAS and it is all delivered via my PS3 to my TV. Anything I torrent is automatically added to the correct folder ready for me to watch. Moral of the story: don’t buy a DLNA TV, get a PS3 instead… unless you already got one… oops.