Call of Duty: AW – Part 2

Call of Duty AW has been out for a little while now, long enough that the first couple of patches have dropped and I have prestiged. Time for my initial impressions.

I feel I have to touch on the single player mode, even if somewhat briefly. I know a lot of people skip the campaign altogether and I have always thought this was a shame as it is 50% of what you are paying for and always delivers an enjoyable experience (even when the MP offering has been horrible). This year is no exception. I am not that far in, but the story is compelling and the gameplay is solid.

My multiplayer experience is best summarised as follows: I’m having fun. For that I salute you, Sledgehammer. If this game had been like Ghosts then I would have probably not bought a COD game for a good long while.

The slightly longer summary is: I’m having fun and the bullshit level is currently tolerable.

The games plays fast and I like this. It may be a little too fast, but I think it is just going to take some getting used to.

The weapon class balance feels about right; the initial imbalances have been addressed to a degree. The weapon balance within classes is okay now, there are viable options in each class and lobbies are no longer packed exclusively with people using BALs.

So far, sniping seems to be Black Ops 1 style. Until MP is built on an entirely different engine, the quirks which allow quick scoping to happen will remain and all the developers can do is try and make it harder. I think they have the balance about right. Sniping is useful, but not all conquering.

Talking of engine quirks, the bullets that go round corners and busted camera angles are still real. It’s bullshit, but it’s not getting fixed anytime soon and with experience, you can use it to your advantage.

Exo abilities are pointless, as are ‘nades. I don’t use them, I don’t need them, I would rather spend the loadout points on perks and attachments.

I was initially running two primaries, MW2 style, now I have my classes stacked with perks and attachments and only use a secondary with my sniper.

Campers: they will always play the game and I will never understand why. How can it be fun to sit in a corner, go negative and lose the game?

Glitchers: as long as the glitches get patched in good time and the report function exists, then the cheaters are not much of a problem to me. Sledgehammer have done a good job here.

Spawns: revenge spawns have and will always suck, in objective game modes the enemies spawn to close to the objective – it’s almost impossible to hold an objective down and there is no time to reload even.

Maps: the maps seem pretty good. Only one stands out as being a bit derpy, I forget it’s name, but it’s the one with the ruined temples.

Cheap shit: the only thing in this category is the System Hack, which is probably the most shitty streak ever, especially stacked with double time and run by an entire enemy team. Please Sledgehammer, nerf it good. On the plus side though, no proximity mines, no dogs, no overly powerful killstreaks, people are not dropping nukes (DNA bombs in this iteration), nobody is using n00btubes. Most battles are gun on gun.

The scoring system rewards people PTFO and the streaks are score streaks, rather than kill streaks.

I think Sledgehammer have done a really good job with this game and they should be proud of what they have accomplished. Looking back at my previous post (I deliberately didn’t read it before writing this), Sledgehammer have ticked most of my boxes.

Aside: I am amused and somewhat fed up with YouTubers complaining about the skill based matchmaking system. Complaining about being a casual gamer, stuck in lobbies full of try hards, makes no sense. Your approach dictates if you are a casual gamer, not your competitors. What you actually mean is that you dislike not being able to lobby surf until you find a lobby full of n00bs to stomp and look good in. Cry me a river.

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