Hey Jo, what do ya know?

So, I made it to thirty.

In some ways I have changed lots, in others not at all, and I am totally okay with that: life is a lesson that you learn when you’re through. I last used that quote on my blog just under seven years ago. It is amazing to think of all the things that have happened since then.

I still have lots to learn
I started a training course last week that will run through to the end of the winter. If possible, I will share some of the things I am learning. No promises though – I’m not sure how much of this stuff I want to share. I do sometimes wonder about taking this blog somewhere else and making it anonymous, I would be able to share more that way.

At work on Friday, someone observed of me “You know, I’ve never heard you bullshit anyone.”. I think it was an observation rather than a compliment or insult, but I was left feeling happy that this was the way I was seen. Honesty above all other traits.

Political Apathy
I’m thinking I will bring back my political apathy series soon. I have already started receiving flyers and letters from candidates hoping to gain my vote in the next general election. Each with more spin than an electron. I’d quite like to elect Russell Brand; I love the Trews.

Made a new one, seemingly lost some old ones. People always seem to be temporary fixtures; the amount of effort that gets put into a friendship and the experiences shared seems to have no correlation with how easily some people just slip away.

Minecraft looks like something that would pull me in Tron style. Currently I am content to watch YTs play, but I can see myself giving it a go in the not too distant future. Very much considering cancelling my pre-order of Destiny. Having been one of the first to place an order and having waited so long for it to be released, it really sucks to be playing the beta solo. I have knocked out a few games this year; I really enjoyed both Knack and Watch_Dogs. BF4 single player was good – I didn’t go anywhere near the bag of hurt that was MP. I am looking forward to COD:AW, although mainly for SP, as again, solo MP sucks balls.

It took some getting used to, but I think that at this point I can safely say that the beard is here to say. It survived a trip to the tropical paradise of Florida earlier this year, where in fact it flourished as my trimmer would not charge up. I switched to shaving with a double edge blade a while back and shaving has gone from being something I hated, to something I love. I bought my first bottle of conditioner at age thirty. No decision has been made on how long the beard will get, but hockey beard status has been achieved (this was the original goal).

Shiny New Car Day 2014
Sometime at the end of autumn I will hopefully be recieving my new car. What can I tell you, I have grown up. Instead of the pick up that I had my heart set on when I came back from Florida, I have instead listend to my Mum and opted for a sensible four door, with better fuel economy than what I currently have. Okay, by this point my Mum will have stopped reading, all that other stuff is true, apart from the sensible bit. As sad as I will be to see Rebo go, I am really looking forward to gettng my hands on Venni. That’s right, he has been named after a rocket ship. Yeeeeeah buddy! I still have a few months to wait for his arrival, got no concrete road trips planned, but hoping to go back to Liverpool.

WWE at the Brighton Centre
For the first time since the European Rampage tour of ’92 the WWE is coming back to the Brighton Centre. I got tickets at ringside for me and cosmicbadger. If the timing is right, he will be the first passenger in Venni.

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  1. What vehicle are you going for then? I went four door just over a year ago – you’d love it – another black car with tints…

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