Sometimes I have to tune out the world because it all gets to be a little too much to process.

As the story was breaking about the latest mass shooting in the US and details started coming through, I got a horrible sinking feeling.

The news media seems to only have a few ways they report stories like this. Terror attack, ghetto thug, mental health issues. A white guy with an English sounding name from a privileged background? That’s going to be neatly wrapped up in box number three. They could try following the evidence CSI style instead of developing a story and trying to fit the evidence to it, but since the advent of 24 hour news channels the emphasis is on entertainment and audience numbers rather than education.

A new data point surfaced, the shooter had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Thanks by the way BBC for empahsising this point, good work. I especially liked your little paragraph explaining what Asperger’s was. I struggled to find the same level of emphasis when it turned out he had not in fact received this diagnosis.

Shit. Here we go again. We did this with the Sandy Hook shooting already. I know how it plays out. Suddenly, “Ass Burgers” was to blame.

Come on people, at least do enough research to be able to spell/pronounce it correctly.

My twitter TL slowly began to fill with the testimony of millions of experts in autism/Asperger’s/mental health. I never realised there were so many knowledgeable people out there. I mean, I was totally fooled by your complete ignorance on the subject and failure to understand even the most basic of facts about Asperger’s.

And so we are further stigmatised. By a bunch of lazy reporting, ignorance and hatred. A whole host of negative qualities ascribed to us. A whole host of our qualities mocked and derided. And nothing has been done to actually try and work out what did cause this tragic event in the hope that it can be prevented from ever happening again.

Good work.

*puts on headphones and walks away*

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