Think outside the boxes

I have a bunch of posts that I will probably never publish. Not because I think they aren’t good enough or because they are too private to share, but because they touch on subjects that are like grenades. I have tried to discuss them before and it just turns into a huge mess. I am totally aware that I am not the best at explaining non-scientific type things to people, I guess this comes into it. Anyway, it’s been eating away at me that the number of posts in this category is growing.

I consume a tonne of information, lots in the way of blogs and from a real cross section of society. Some of those posts make me feel uncomfortable, they force me to think about things, to expand my horizons. I think this is a good thing. I like challenging myself in this way.

For the most part I have found that, through twitter, I have had some really amazing, eye opening discussions with people from totally different walks of life. Whether we agreed or disagreed, both sides were heard, debated in a passionate manner. I have also had the misfortune to stray into conversations I have almost immediately regretted. I say conversation, I mean monologues, where only one side is heard in a way that prevents any learning, growing or sharing of opinions.

My point is this, before you decide where in the Venn diagram of life I belong, before you sweep me up in your mass generalisations, before you dismiss me entirely, just take a second and consider whether building bridges is a better choice than building walls.

2 thoughts on “Think outside the boxes

  1. That’s an interesting question. Maybe a wall with a peep hole? I don’t always build bridges because some people just don’t need to be in my life on any level. If someone doesn’t have a kind and open mind or only enjoys hearing themself talk, they aren’t worth any stress they may cause. I want to meet or talk to people to enrich my life or help me see a different point of view but in a respectful way but not everyone is like that.

  2. If you give the other person the chance to be respectful, if you’re open to hearing their opinion at the start, then I think you’re holding up your end. :-)

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