The calm after the storm

I made my decision. I’m going to disclose and I am happy about it.

In the end, this ended up being a really easy decision. My logic is simple; how can I expect people to learn or know about autism, in all of its forms, if I am unwilling to raise my hand and say “Hey, I’m an aspie. I don’t bite.”.

I spent a long time writing and re-writing some words (thank you to the people who reviewed them) that I intend to email to my colleagues in the new year. It feels like a positive step. I realise I have lots of hard work ahead of me if I am to find a way to cope with my work commitments, but I am ready to fight and ultimately I would much rather fight and lose, than give in and always wonder “What if?”.

I have lots of people around me at work who are being extremely supportive and also some who I think are quite protective. I’m good with that. The project I am working on has been something like trench warfare: nobody will be the same afterwards, bonds have been formed.

I have training booked for myself in the summer and there is commitment from my employer to seek training so that they better understand me. I can’t really ask for more from them than to try.

A wise man once said: You have two options, give in, or go harder and faster. Time to Hulk up!

For now though, I shall recharge my batteries over Christmas, disclose to my colleagues and then I am off to enjoy some winter sun with my bro. Time to make lists of things to pack!

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