The customer is sometimes a douche nozzle

The changes in recent years in the way in which software is distributed and sold have heralded some great things. People have genuinely never had it so good. It is easier than ever before for people to source legal copies of well maintained apps for their mobile devices and/or computers.

Software doesn’t grow on trees though. It takes time to develop; to design, code, test, release and market. It takes more time and effort to maintain; fixing bugs, adding new features.

The point of this post is to highlight the bullshit sense of entitlement that seems to have developed alongside the app stores.

You paid ‘x’ amount a year ago for the app and you don’t think the changes in the new version justify the price? Cool beans, don’t buy it. Stick with the version you have. Even when an app is declared feature complete, it is rarely pulled off the shelves. Even if the developers move on to the next major version, they will normally still offer bug fixes for the previous versions. Even if they don’t, the software doesn’t suddenly stop working when a new version comes out.

And if you ever find yourself saying “All they’ve changed is the way it looks!?”, please slap yourself. In the face. With a shovel.

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