Political Apathy 10: Same fail, different day

Way back at the beginning of 2010 I blogged about how I am often reminded of how out of touch the ‘major’ parties are whenever they do/say/announce something. Back then my post was inspired by a Labour leaflet telling me how voting Green would let the Tories steal the seat and how this was clearly wrong and had served only to strengthen my resolve to vote Green.

Fast forward to the tail end of 2013; we have a Green MP, a new Labour candidate for the seat of Brighton Pavilion and are probably about eighteen months out from a General Election. So when a leaflet came through the door from the new candidate, Purna Sen, I was interested to read it. Since Labour clearly can no longer suggest that a Green MP is impossible and that voting for one will result in a Conservative MP, they have instead decided to attempt to convince constituents that it is Labour who do the real work on green issues. Yep, that is genuinely the jist of the message.

I’m super happy with my Green MP thanks. I don’t agree with Caroline Lucas on everything but I think she is a top notch person who has absolutely represented me in line with the platform on which she was elected. I follow her progress closely to see what votes she attends (and how she votes), what questions/issues she raises during debates. Quite frankly, if 20mph speed limits and a ridiculous bus lane is the worst thing I have to put up with as a result of Green policies then I think I am doing okay. If I have an MP who I can rely on to speak up for animal welfare, equality, non nuclear proliferation, civil liberties and against ATOS, the badger cull, fracking, page 3 and Darth Cameron and the rest of the Empire in general, then I am on to a winner.

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