I love my bed. It is my sanctuary at the end of each day.

I have two identical sets of bedding. No surprises. No need to even think about which bedding is on. Neutral colours, nothing that will stimulate my brain. I find it incredibly hard to switch off at the end of each day and get to sleep, stimulation is the last thing I need.

My sheets are fitted. Always pulled tight. Hospital corners. Flat. Nothing that will feel different. Everything is cotton and soft. The duvet covers have a pattern of lines on them. I can pull them square this way.

My pillows are always pulled tight and aligned to the middle of the bed. The ends point out.

My mattress is hard memory foam. It stays nice and square. There really isn’t a lot of give.

I need all of this if I am to sleep. Change it and I will get very anxious. Agitated. Upset. Same as if I get home and there is stuff on my bed. I don’t like stuff on my bed.

This is my space. It is one of the places where I indulge my aspieness completely. I love it.

I put my headphones on and fade into the music.

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