r2d2-stagesThis week I completed my current project, the construction of a Lego R2-D2. It was a present that I received from my family for my recent birthday, but it wasn’t until I was talking to Michael Monje on twitter that I realised just how perfect a present it was. It took me about 6 hours to complete the build, which was interrupted only by work, and those were 6 very happy hours, sat in a corner of my room, surrounded by Lego and with my music playing. I recorded my progress at various points and thought I would share it with you.

Sometimes I worry that some of the things I am interested in would be considered immature or not age appropriate. Whilst my friends are busy buying houses, getting married and making babies, I am reading comics, or playing on my computer. Getting left behind. But when I showed one of my friends my present his reaction was “Can I come and play?”, and I was reminded of this interview that Eminem did on Jonathon Ross a few years back where he fell back in love with comic books after getting out of rehab. Growing up doesn’t have to mean leaving things behind. I like stuff and I will never stop liking it just because someone thinks it is not suitable for my age. If it makes me happy and doesn’t hurt anyone, then it can’t be bad.

Currently considering the Lego Death Star.

7 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. I love this post. Growing up doesn’t mean leaving things that make you happy behind. I think a major myth of growing up is that you have to abandon happiness-inducing things. And that just makes me sad…

  2. Thanks E. :-)

    It makes me feel weird when people are clear in expressing that they have a problem with the things I am interested in, especially when it’s because it has been deemed not age appropriate. I have never been one to submit to peer pressure though, so bring on the Lego, comic books and wrestling!

  3. Loved this post JoJo, thanks for sharing it. I think people can get so caught up in what’s suppose to be the step-by-step ‘life plan’ they think they have to leave behind the things they love because they’ve outgrown them. It doesn’t have to be that way. You do what makes you happy in the life you’ve chosen for yourself. That’s the right thing for you ;)

  4. I just love this post. My son, H, is nearing 15 and building with Lego, or K’nex, or Meccano… (or bits of old appliances) gives him such joy and also seems to calm and ground him when he is finding the world too much and he needs to regroup. Like you, he is happy when he is building and I hope he continues with this until he is 85++

    And… c’mon… Lego and Star Wars… that is seriously a double win!

    Yay, Happiness!!

  5. Thanks Renee. I think that’s it, the step-by-step life plan. Attempting to measure myself against other people is not a good idea because I am not them.

  6. Hahaha! Yes, Lego and Star Wars… what’s not to like. :-)

    I wonder if with enough Meccano I could build an actual R2-D2. I could use a Raspberry Pi for the intelligence.

  7. I loved this post! Also, I’m saving up to get myself one of those monstrous modular main street projects for my birthday this year. They’re expensive here in the States, because they were never released here, but I will have my Lego greengrocer!

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