Give me a break

People tend to make judgements based on first impressions.
If you are autistic then that inaugural exchange is anxiety filled. Judging me based on that is super unfair. I understand that most people would never realise I am autistic, call it high functioning or low visibility, I don’t care. It sucks that for the most part I will be judged on that initial awkward interaction, with people never stopping to look twice let alone three times.

Making friends is hard.
It is very rare for me to find people or a place where I can socialise without becoming overwhelmed and exhausted. Those things are not conducive to doing a good job with the whole first impression thing.

Twitter has been awesome for me, mostly.
It kinda ticks all the boxes in what I want from social media and has introduced me to an amazing array of people from all over the world. I have met some of the most important people in my life through twitter and I have had the opportunity to converse with some great people. I sometimes happen across people who are less than great and for the most part I just ignore them and move on. I know I am going to have different opinions to other people and that is okay. Healthy debate and agreeing to disagree is part of life, that doesn’t in itself make people “less than great”. Unless you’re telling me that badgers should die, Margaret Thatcher was a “great leader” or that I’m autistic because my Mum cooked food in a microwave once, then you’re an asshat.

Get to the point JoJo.
For the most part I have found the online autism community to be hugely positive and understanding. Not jumping on each and every social mistake, allowing people to apologise and move on. Even though I realise that I can’t be liked by everyone, I kind of expect people who understand to afford me that extra time and it sucks when they don’t. I’m not sad, or angry, I’m just saying.

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