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Nothing makes me unhappy faster than a poor response from a company when things go wrong. I cannot begin to tell you the sucky level of service I received from DHL a short time ago. They messed up so badly that it caused me problems at work, they even sent me threatening letters demanding payments that I had already made. If there is ever an alternative to DHL, then that’s what I’m going with.

As I am always quick to call out companies on twitter when they get stuff wrong, I thought it only fair to highlight when a company got it really right!

I’m a loyal customer. If you keep me happy then the next guy has to do something really amazing to steal me away. Enter King of Shaves. I have been using King of Shaves products for ages, way before I discovered they had a website. I had one of the original KoS razors, I think it was called Rzr, but don’t quote me on that. I remember being super happy when I found out I could buy their stuff online – as an aspie this makes my shopping experience so much more agreeable, but I digress. June 1st will mark 5 years since I placed my first order with KoS. I am just as happy today as I was then. I received an order this week and the stuff hadn’t been packed too intelligently, the box had been overfilled and this coupled with a poorly sealed tube of shower gel led to quite a mess. So I tweeted a picture and tagged KoS founder Will King in it. He could easily have ignored my tweet, or sent a reply asking me to contact Customer Services, but instead he followed me on twitter and DM’d me to get my details and then proceeded to hook me up with a replacement bottle of shower gel. I was impressed. It underlined my assertion that KoS rock!

4 thoughts on “King of Shaves

  1. We wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for people who buy our products, and expect the best. I’ve always half an eye on what’s going down my tweetdeck stream, and as customers are absolutely King, look to solve problems (or RT praise!) as they arise. Although we sell between 50-80,000 products a week, most are used as intended, and enjoyed I hope. I really appreciate blogposts like this, and on a Friday, and last day of our financial year, made my day, year! Thanks!

  2. This is exactly my experience of KoS, and of everyone there I’ve come into contact with from Will King to the customer service teams who answer the phones. They most certainly rock!

  3. King of Shaves are great at customer service, agreed. Nearly every other company interaction I have now leaves me whimpering, “But… why can’t you just be awesome, like King of Shaves?”.

    I’ve been using their stuff for about 9 years now, and all of the free stuff they’ve sent me over the years has wound up being given to friends as gifts, along with a soliloquy from me about what a great company they are.

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