It might snow tomorrow.

It might snow tomorrow.

I guess that’s the most uninteresting thing, but it already has my cogs turning. Running simulations in my brain to try and work out all possible scenarios and plan around them. It’s exhausting. Didn’t have much brain left to concentrate on my work today. Sought relief by tidying and organising some boxes of stuff.

I wouldn’t worry so much if I was at home and had no need to travel anywhere. I have to work though.

I’m pretty clumsy. I hate the feeling of slipping.

I have my Timmys. I will walk extra slowly and extra carefully.

I need to keep watching in case the snow starts, I don’t want to get stuck at work, or worse, caught somewhere between work and home. I live on two hills, the road is never cleared and gets cut off very quickly.

I have my snow shovel and foil blanket in my car. And 4WD. And my headphones and music.

I need to keep my phone near me. The snow is forecast to start first at home and move towards work. Don’t want to miss a heads up message.

Last time it snowed I got stuck. Couldn’t get home for a bit. Slid my car in to some railings and scratched all the wheels.

Snow makes everything different and unpredictable.

2 thoughts on “It might snow tomorrow.

  1. I know that feeling.

    Been working out various scenarios in my head, time it starts to fall, how heavy and quick it will fall. Will the roads have the right grit on them? All these running through my head. Luckily I’m not driving tomorrow as I car share but I know if it settles on the road outside my house then I won’t be getting car out anyways as I live right at the top of a hill which twists down to another upwards hill.

    But by far my main worry is I won’t get to see someone special this weekend. :(

  2. I know you understand Roy. :)

    Just remember, it is better not to see someone special this weekend and know you will see them next weekend, than to attempt to see them and have an accident and never see them again. You know I’m here whenever you want to visit. You did mean me, right? ;)

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