I love my duvet

Ever since I was little I have always loved my duvet. The bigger and thicker the better.

It’s actually one of the few things I remember not liking about Florida. I struggled to sleep under the thin covers the hotel provided. I have no idea how people manage to sleep under such thin little covers. How do you snuggle something so thin!?

This is just one of those things that I grew up with. I remember doing a massive smile when I found out about weighted blankets and Temple Grandin’s squeeze machine. It was independent confirmation that my dx was correct I guess.

There is something calming and reassuring about the weight of a duvet. It is like a security layer. My objective is to have as little of me poking out as possible. If there were such a thing as a bed snorkel I would surely get one and then fully cocoon myself.

And this is why I’m rolling with fifty bazillion togs of duvet, even in the summer!

3 thoughts on “I love my duvet

  1. I’m the same. There is simply nothing more comforting that rolling into a caterpillar in preparation for sleep town.

    Even if it is in a… Thomas The Tank Engine duvet. ;) haha

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