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This blog was originally called the Chronicles. It was started as a way for me to chart my journey into the big wide world after I left my first ever real job. The initial audience was me, Obi Wan and the guys I used to work with. It has seen a couple of different platforms, a few different URLs and before I got bored of messing with the php, several different designs. Somewhere along the way it became a place for me to capture and share my thoughts and feelings. The topics may seem slightly random in nature, but I promise you they aren’t, they just represent the things going on in my life at different stages throughout the past five years.

On Sunday I was working hard when a new post from E popped up in my RSS client. E had been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award. I love E’s blog. When I first found it it was amazing. You have to remember that this was post my suspicions that I may have some form of autism and pre confirmed diagnosis. It answered so many questions I had, it offered me hope and it made me do big massive smiles when I read things that I did, that I had previously thought only I did. I guess it would be a bit like Tigger finding a blog written by another Tigger and the first post was all about how he couldn’t stand thistles. I should probably explain that due to the whole thinking in pictures thing, everyone I know is stored in my contacts database with a nickname and an image, E is a Tigger, because she bounces. (I hope you don’t mind this E!)

I was super amazed to discover that E had in turn nominated my blog (amongst others) for the same Versatile Blogger Award. So I owe E two big thank you’s, firstly, thank you for writing such an awesome blog and secondly, thank you for nominating me. If this post does nothing else, go and read the… title track?… I don’t know what the right term is, but go read the post that shares the name of E’s blog.

The rules of the award are as follows:

  • Thank the person that gave you the award in a blog post & link back to their blog (that’s the bit you just read).
  • Pass the award on to 15 bloggers you follow (this is going to be hard, but I’ll explain in a minute).
  • Include 7 random things about yourself in your post (coming right up).
  • Include the rules in your post (that’s the bit you’re reading now).
  • Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog (this I will do tomorrow).

So, 7 random things about me…

  1. I can separate an Oreo into cream and two biscuit pieces using just my tongue. I can also turn my tongue over 180°. It’s amazing what you discover you can do whilst you’re stimming.
  2. I am terrified of planes. I don’t mean that I don’t like them, I am terrified of them. I cannot deal with the noise. The sensation. The people. The lack of control. Or the fact that planes are essentially big metal tubes that sometimes fall out of the sky.
  3. I don’t like Moomins. They have freaked me out ever since I was a kid. They look like big friendly albino hippos but then you realise they have no mouth, until suddenly BAM, a hole appears on their snout region. I once got a card from a Moomin telling me that they had heard that I didn’t like them and that this upset them. It also said that they watch me whilst I sleep and that they might eat me.
  4. I collect baseball caps. I have a big bag of them in the loft and I have a New Era hat rack that my bro Wayne got me for my birthday attached to a strip light in my room. Take that strip light, not only have I stopped you from making noise and light, but now you work for me! The rack is almost full now, so I need to get another one.
  5. This blog actually has many posts that I have never published and some which only appear if you log in. It also contains many inside jokes, some that only I get.
  6. I have an unhealthy obsession with Nike AF1s. I own *ahem* several pairs. They really are the most comfortable trainers that I’ve ever owned. I have designed several pairs myself.
  7. If I am talking to someone with an accent different to mine I will begin to mimic it. I don’t even realise it is happening. If I’ve been talking to Lil’ Feet then the guys at work know straight away because apparently I sound like a Scouser.
  8. I am rubbish at remembering names. I have to associate people with a picture and a nickname in order to remember them. Twitter handles make this process easier.

Yeah I know that’s 8 things.

Now for the 15 blogs I follow, this is really hard as I don’t actually follow 15 blogs. More so because some of the ones I do follow have already been nominated. I’m just going to go with the blogs that I have subscribed to the RSS feed of, those are the ones that are most important to me. I could find 15 blogs that I have glanced at, but then I would feel that I was misleading you. These are the ones that I actually read all of the time. There are just 9 of them.

Autism Mumma: Jeanette’s blog is about raising her daughter D, who is autistic. She is amazingly kind. Her posts have inspired some of mine.

The Asperger Café: This is a blog written by Asparagus Girl, a super cool lady from Canada, and its focus is mainly Aspergers. It is an easy read and it always makes me laugh.

Wired Differently: Paul is an aspienaut, cast adrift in NT space. He is a really inspiring guy. He always answers my questions, however daft they are. Again, he blogs about Aspergers, but in a different way. His style of writing is kind of like story telling, I always think of it as the great Aspienaut gathering the other aspies around a fire and telling them of the things he has experienced in the NT world.

Life on the spectrum: Leigh lives somewhere nearby me in Sussex, yet it was an RT from someone on the other side of the world that led me to her twitter account and on to her blog, both about life on the autism spectrum.

Outrunning The Storm: Hands down the best looking blog. It looks like a Mac! A blog from the perspective of an NT parent raising two boys, one of whom has Aspergers. It’s a bit of a glimpse into what life might have been like if I’d been diagnosed at a younger age.

Professionally Autistic: Laura Nagle is a legend! I love how honest she is. I love how precise her writing is.

swaybomb86: I helped to persuade Sway to start his blog. He doesn’t have many posts yet, but the ones he does have show you just what a brilliant guy he is. Ladies take note! We share interests across a few areas, wrestling, hip hop, metal, comic books, Lil’ Feet (haha, she’s going to kill me for that dude!). He always posts his blogs late at night and so the words are consumed alongside my crumpets and tea before I go to work.

The Third Glance: Yeah, I know I’ve already mentioned E’s blog and I know that E has already been nominated, but this is my favourite blog. Am I allowed to say that? *shrugs*

Zaonce: Gruntfuggly is an alien from the planet Zaonce. Haha, I kid! Mr Fuggly is one of the guys I used to work with. He blogs about geek stuff mainly. He runs a retirement home for old consoles. Actually, I’m surprised his wife still talks to me after all of the boxes of games and consoles I have helped to relocate to her home… unless she doesn’t know about any of this… in which case I made it up. There are no consoles in your house. Nope.


3 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Awww, shucks :) Thanks so much :)

    And #3… I hate Moomins too! I don’t know why, but I don’t like them. I once had to read a book for a book club called “Tales from Moomin Valley”, and I remember it vividly, because it was the very first book I read that I didn’t like. As a voracious reader, this is quite an accomplishment.

  2. @E: You’re welcome! Moomins seem to be a bit like Marmite, in that people either love them or hate them. I don’t know a single person who has survived a Moomin attack and so this must mean that they are ruthlessly efficient killers. ;D

  3. thanks so much. I am loving your blog! I didn’t realize you had one until E listed you on her award the other day. I usually use twitter on mobil and it cuts off the links to peoples blogs in their profiles for some reason and I’d never noticed you publish a post. So anyway, I have been missing out and have you in my google reader now! I have no idea what moomins are but you and E have me very curious now.

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