This Dev’s Life

I love watching something slowly coming together over a period of time. Each new line of code, each new function, little building blocks. Then when it’s finished you can stand back and say “I helped do that!” and be proud. I don’t want my name on it if it doesn’t represent the best I could do.

I like searching the code to track down and eliminate an illusive bug, or trying to work out how to make something work, trying to determine the cleanest design. Somehow I feel that my effort makes it more valuable. Like the difference between a hand built Aston Martin panel and a stamped out panel from some other car company.

I like taking something that already works and making it better. Completely unchanged on the outside, infinitely better on the inside.

I like working with people as passionate as I am about doing a good job, who get as excited as me when they see something work.

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