Shiny New Car Day

After months of patient waiting, last week saw me take delivery of my new Golf R, Rebo (named by his Uncle Roy after the great Ortolan keyboardist).

I was a little sad to see the Millennium Falcon (Golf R32) go, but at the same time it never really felt like my car. It was the best I could do in my mad panic to rid myself of the Focus RS and every time I would see *my* RS pass me I would be a little sad. Rebo is mine. I chose every single aspect of him and he is awesome.

He has a smaller engine and is more fuel efficient, thanks to technological advanc… LMAO! Rebo is faaaaast. He has mahoosive alloys. He growls! He has an awesome Dynaudio system with 10 speakers driven by 10 individual amps. I will never tire of hearing the little noise when the video camera pops up when I’m reversing. And almost laughably, one of the things I missed most from the RS… an armrest. As crazy as that sounds, I spent months almost falling out of the drivers seat, groping around in the Falcon for an armrest that wasn’t there.

I was gutted that I didn’t get to go on my road trip to Liverpool, but I am hoping to get over to the ‘stone soon and I’m travelling to Cornwall to see my bro in November and that promises to be an amazing trip. My sister-in-law loves my driving, she does this really funny bit where she screams and closes her eyes and pretends to be scared, but really I know she loves it. I will get to Liverpool sooner or later.

The first drive to work and Mr Beemer made it known at the traffic lights that he wanted to race. I slipped Rebo into 1st, reved the engine and when the lights went green I pulled away like a normal driver with no noise or screeching tyres, leaving Mr Beemer looking every part the douchebag that he was as he sped off into the distance.

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  1. Haha thanks, they weren’t an option otherwise I’d have specified them. I’ve got LED running lights though.

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