Johnny 5

I love learning new things, acquiring new knowledge, it is fun and interesting. I like knowing how and why things work, it gives me a sense of being in control and keeps me calm. Once my brain latches onto something I snap into what I can only describe as Johnny 5 mode, I will research the “thing” until my curiosity is satisfied.

Last week Lil’ Feet sent me a text that said “A-Okay”. I knew what this expression meant, but after examining it in my mind for a bit I could not come up with a plausible etymology. Luckily wikipedia was able to help me out.

My brain is to thoughts what sofas are to change and remote controls.

Sometimes people seem annoyed when I regurgitate facts and sometimes people are amused by the random nature of my knowledge.

5 thoughts on “Johnny 5

  1. I love this! I too collect facts and knowledge. Thank god for Google, what did we ever do without it? People tell me that having a conversation with me is always an eye-opener, and that they always learn something. I’m glad I’m good for something. :)

  2. @E: You’re good for plenty. I’m usually okay unless the conversation turns to soaps or celebrities or something of that nature. I have no interest in those things.

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