I’mma run to the right and then I’m gonna jump and shoot

I got linked to this video on twitter by Jimmy The Snake*. I think it may be my most favourite video on the internet, even better than the sneezing panda, or anything with boobies in. For real. Not only is it hilarious, but it is bang on the money. I hate those fucking controller screens! As a gamer it makes me want to kick the developer squarely in the nuts, as a software dev it makes me die inside just a little bit.

I love MegaBomberman. I love my MegaDrive. Don’t get me wrong, I love my PS3 and CoD too, but not as much as I love my MegaDrive. MegaBomberman never left me feeling like I’d been screwed, the controls were simple and straight forward, I was never left wondering what to do. HD graphics? Nope. Online multiplayer? Nah. A bazillion different game modes? No again. But I could play that shit all frickin’ day!

I apologise to my colleagues for the ranting monologue I subjected them to after watching this video… but Far Cry 2 is sooooo shit… no, I’m not going there again. Just watch the video.

*Jimmy is responsible for my all time favourite game related quote: “Fuck my K:D, I’m winning this shit”. Check out his youtube channel!

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