Don’t hate the iPlayer…

At some point iPlayer disappeared from the XMB on my PS3, I think it happened during the firmware update that made the iPlayer a dedicated app, but I cannot be sure. Since then I have intermittently seen the TV/Video option in the XMB and assumed that the problem had rectified itself, but then the next time I started up it was gone again. Having scoured the internet, it seems lots of people are reporting the same problem. I have seen lots of suggested fixes, mainly based on signing in and out of PSN/Home/Qriocity, but none of these worked for me (I don’t even have Qriocity or Home installed!). I stumbled across a solution completely by accident when trying to do something else, I created an extra user on my PS3, completely stock settings, signed in as the new user, deleted the new user, switched back to my regular user and suddenly the TV/Video option was back. All of this was done on firmware version 3.73.

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