My baby just cares for me

Whenever we went to my Grandad’s house as children my Sister would always insist that we spent some time watching one of the many videos of recorded music performances my Grandad had. My Grandad loved watching these tapes too and so never really argued. In fact, if we weren’t there he would probably have been watching them anyway, he was always arguing with my Nan when she asked him to turn “the bloody row down” – I guess I got my love of listening to music 24/7 from him. There are lots of songs I remember from these tapes, my Sister’s favourite was Rick Astley… that’s right, I was repeatedly Rick Rolled by my own flesh and blood!?

Years after the last time I saw these tapes, after my Grandad has passed away, we were all talking and I was trying to get everyone to remember one of my favourite songs from the tapes. All I had was a badly hummed tune and a description of the music video: the one with the white plasticine cat walking down the stairs. I was met with blank stares. Then a few months ago, this came on the music channels.

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