echo “Oh shit!”

I spent the back end of last week sorting out the RPM creation process for some projects I’m working on. We tend to use CheckInstall to generate the first cut spec files and then manually update them. I had done all of the hard work; I had the spec files down for the various RPMs and I had bash scripts set up to generate them. I asked a colleague if he knew the switch to pass to CheckInstall to have it select RPM automatically, just to make the process completely fire and forget. He didn’t know off the top of his head, but said that he would look it up. I Ctrl+C’d the script and watched as CheckInstall cheerfully entered it’s clean up routine. Did I not mention that CheckInstall has a helpful clean up routine built in? It tidies up (deletes) everything in the $BuildRoot directory. Unfortunately CheckInstall hadn’t got far enough into it’s execution to reinitialise that variable, which I actually also use in my own scripts. It points to the root of my workspace. CheckInstall very cheerfully nuked the whole thing. You have been warned.

Post tune: Gold Cobra, Gold Cobra, Limp Bizkit.

2 thoughts on “echo “Oh shit!”

  1. Hardly anything. I was checking in to CVS regularly and had the other files open in the editor so I was able to save them again.

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