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If the only metric you use to make your choice of internet browser is performance then you are a fool. The security of your personal data must surely be at least as important as how quickly you can render a page? I should explain that this post has been coming for a while, articles about Evercookies and Firesheep were worrying, but it was a piece on internet security on The Gadget Show [that completely failed to mention browser choice] that was the ultimate catalyst.

Firefox is my browser of choice because it is the safest, thanks largely to the security and privacy on offer from some of the myriad of awesome third party add ons. I have previously explained why NoScript and AdBlock Plus are must haves for me, but I have recently come across two more add ons that have quickly found a place in my personal hall of fame.

BetterPrivacy provides an easy way to manage super cookies (LSO Flash Objects, DOM Storage Objects – cookies that never expire). You set it up, in my case this meant telling it to delete everything when Firefox is closed, and then you forget about it.

Ghostery allows you to see exactly who is tracking you using web bugs, beacons, hidden pixels etc and then control which ones you allow. In fact, it offers you a profile on the source of each tracker to help you make your decision.

Go on, check them out and start browsing like a ninja!

If you are interested in browser security then you may be interested in this article about changes in Firefox 4.0 to prevent abuse of the CSS :visited selector.

Thanks to James Hugman for pointing out Ghostery to me!

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