Dot Robot: Literary awesomeness

I have just finished reading Dot Robot, the first book in the techno thriller trilogy by Jason Bradbury*. I rarely read fiction, I’m more of a biography or software textbook kind of guy. The last piece of fiction I consumed was a few years ago, it was the first novel penned by Mick Foley, wrestling superstar and New York Times best-selling autobiographer, so the bar was set quite high for the man from The Gadget Show. Have no fear though because Dot Robot is the very definition of a page turner, it’s awesome. I’m a self confessed geek, so the premise of the story of Dot Robot was like every dream I’ve ever had (except for the ones with Megan Fox in them ;-), a tale of good vs evil, played out in a world of gadgets, computers and the internet. I think Dot Robot is supposed to be for kids, but so is The Simpsons and for me, like The Simpsons, Dot Robot manages to pull off the difficult task of simultaneously appealing to young and er… not so young (hey – I’m far from old).

The experience of reading this book really was like riding a roller coaster, a gripping, multi-emotional, twisting and turning journey, that at one point actually had me so mad that I was completely unable to put the book down. The bottom line is that if you are a geek, of any age and/or sex, you need to read this book, but just be sure that you have the next in the series available for when you finish it, I didn’t and the suspense of the cliff hanger finish of book one is killing me!

* Jase is such a top bloke that he actually sent me a signed copy of his book!

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