It’s an iMac. The End.

Sometimes I marvel at how the Universe works. Today I was discussing with two friends, one a colleague, the other my boss (virtual fist bumps to El Holandés and El Jefe) the naming convention that Apple uses for it’s products. The example we were discussing was the iMac and the focus of the discussion was why all iMacs are identified as just being an iMac and not an iMac Inspiron 550GTi. This evening an article appeared on TUAW.

“Apple’s official names for its products are generally simple. Although the current iMac bears very little resemblance to its 1998 ancestor, both products have the exact same name. In the hands of Sony or Dell the current iMac might be called the “iMac 12390 XMT” or something similar to differentiate it from the slightly slower and less capacious “iMac 10460 TMI” that they sold last year, but Apple keeps it simple: if it’s an all-in-one desktop computer, it’s an iMac. The End.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

3 thoughts on “It’s an iMac. The End.

  1. “If the engine’s in the back, it’s a 911” has worked for Porsche for 40 years.

    Still loving my iMac 2.8 i7 8GB 1TB BTW.

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