Political Apathy 6: Epic Fail

Every time one of the ‘major’ parties does/says/announces something it usually just helps to remind me how out of touch they are. I received a letter from Nancy Platts today (Nancy is the Labour PPC for Brighton Pavilion), the basic jist of which was that if I voted Green I risked letting in the Tories (this fact was in big bold letters at the bottom of the page).

  1. The voting figures from the last General Election are ancient. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, including a set of European elections that at worst suggest that the Greens have made significant gains.
  2. No I wouldn’t support Labour’s plan to change the voting system. Why switch one flawed system with another? Do it properly and give us proportional representation where every single vote counts, or don’t bother at all.
  3. Would I prefer a Labour or Conservative government? Well, that’s like asking me if I’d rather be poked in the eye, or kicked in the nuts… I’m not that crazy about either option.

Bottom line, this letter did nothing to dissuade me from voting Green, in fact, in strengthened my resolve even more. Epic. Fail.

7 thoughts on “Political Apathy 6: Epic Fail

  1. I did enjoy todays announcement about the crackdown on prisoners using social websites – apparently they’ve closed 30 pages already. I would have thought blocking mobile phone signals in prisons might be a slightly easy solution. Beats me, how I stuggle to get a single bar of reception where I live, yet criminal facebookers seem to have no problem at all. Maybe shoving your phone up your backside improves reception?

  2. @Gruntfuggly: lol! Another example of how inept the Government is, starting up a game of Fbk account cat and mouse instead of getting rid of the mobile phones.

  3. Given the small but non-negligible chance that this will be a year of two General Elections, you may get poked in the eye *and* then kicked in the nuts.

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