Sup peeps, sorry for the stop-start nature to my blogging, please know that this is not due to a lack of inspiration but a complete lack of time… so without further a do.

A little while ago, a friend of mine was asking about the ReadyNAS experience, he was considering purchasing such a device himself and seemed particularly interested in DLNA support to the stage where he was considering purchasing a DLNA enabled TV. At that time I had not attempted to use the ReadyNAS in this way since I had no way to consume the data, but fast forward past the death of my Time Capsule and I had ripped all of the plaster board off of the wall in my room in my attempt to trace an old unused phone cable through to the main phone socket. I was going to steal the hole in the wall to cable up my bedroom, but the cable I was tracing disappeared down the side of the boiler and I still do not know where it goes, but luckily Yum Yum (one of my cats) found a worm separate old unused cable and so I used this hole instead. Now my PS3 is cabled to the network and so I have enabled the media server connection and it is legend… wait for it… dary. I get full and easy access to all of the music and video on my ReadyNAS and it is all delivered via my PS3 to my TV. Anything I torrent is automatically added to the correct folder ready for me to watch. Moral of the story: don’t buy a DLNA TV, get a PS3 instead… unless you already got one… oops.

5 thoughts on “PS3 DLNA

  1. Argh! Why did you have to suggest *something else* to buy! :-) Actually, I was almost settled on which TV to buy, but then found about about Freeview HD – starting trials next year. Now, do I wait for a Freeview HD TV or just go with a standard Freeview TV for now? How long before Freeview HD TVs are being sold in Currys?

  2. @Steve: Have you considered when Freeview HD will reach your area, whether it will be limited to only a handful of channels, and whether it will be compressed beyond all belief. I’m currently watching regular ol’ Freeview upscaled to 1080p and it is absolutely fine.

  3. @Steve: Also consider Freesat which is now starting to be integrated into TVs. However, I would prefer a TV without any tuners/receivers at all, since I would want PVR functionality, e.g. Freesat+, Sky+, etc, so would require a set-top box of some sort anyway (nothwithstanding that some TVs have PVR’s built-in now!). A PS3 is a good option for Gaming, Bluray, DVD, serving network media (both local and internet, e.g. iPlayer, YouTube). There is also a plug-in box that turns it into a freeview PVR. It’s almost good for everything, but not quite. With TVs, it’s all about the picture quality/capability/compatibility and not much else IMHO. The sad thing is that for standard def pictures, my old CRT (now worth no more than £50) probably has a better picture than the latest 1080p teles, and most content is still SD only…

  4. @Chris: I did not know about the Sony PlayTV, looks pretty good (it’s got some reasonable reviews on Amazon)… I wonder why they didn’t build this functionality into the Slim though?

  5. @Jo: Maybe it’s UK specific? Also, where do you stop? You can’t really expect the PS3 to support the myriad of TV standards… Thankfully, one day all TV and other content will likely arrive by one route only: the internet, but for now it’s not that simple.

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