Made it to the top and it ain’t no way to stop it
And I sho’ ain’t forgot when everybody used to judge me
Now that I got dough in my pockets
and a whole lot of profits seems like everybody loves me
I know you like my style, I know you like my style
I know you love the way I put it down
I made it through the haters
So when you see me shinin give me a standing ovation

This blog began just over two years ago as a way of chronicling my adventures, in fact, today saw the completion of my second year at the company I joined when my adventure began. I’ve met some amazing people in the past two years, some of them have become great friends, but either way I’ve learned a lot from all of them. I’ve kept to my targets for a second year in a row: my Focus RS will be arriving around Christmas, my student loan is all but paid off, I have become an active part of the twitter community and I have almost completed the books I bought on Software Development (there were quite a few), there were other, but as with last year I’m keeping some things private.

I’m currently thinking about my targets for the next year, but to let you in on a little secret, next years targets do include traveling on a plane to a place that isn’t Florida!

Infinity might be a long way away, but I’m moving in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Two

  1. @Gruntfuggly: [In best Monica Geller voice] I know!!! Seriously though, I am going to Canada around this time next year.

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