My head is definitely *not* in the cloud

I watch videos like this one about Chrome OS and all I can think about, and this goes for any cloud based web apps in general, is how I wouldn’t trust anyone with all of my data, especially if they were going to stick it on a server in the middle of <insert name of your favoured supreme cosmic being> knows where. Am I alone?

4 thoughts on “My head is definitely *not* in the cloud

  1. Yes your are. The future is the cloud, so best get used to it! The faster the internet becomes, the more data will shift cloudward. Data will be safer by being replicated around the world – at the moment, anyone could break into your house and nick your ReadyNAS. Then there’s accessibility – at the moment, you have to be at home to access most of your data. You should be able to access your iTunes library on your car’s Sat Nav thingy. ‘Tis already happening…

    I take it you don’t indulge in internet banking, or online shopping?

  2. Of course some companies hold some data about or pertaining to my existence in the cloud, emphasis on the word some, I think online shopping and banking is a weak example to choose though. Google are suggesting that every single piece of information currently on my computer be stored in the cloud and there is absolutely no justification for that. Want access to your photos and videos online? Use Picasa, Youtube or Mobile Me.

    Yes, anyone could break into my house and steal my ReadyNAS, but at least I would know if they did, which brings me neatly to my point: I fundamentally disagree that data will be safer once it is replicated around the world, it will definitely be less likely to be lost, but it will not be safer, and that sir is my objection.

  3. Depends on your definition of “safer”: physically safer, less likely to be hacked and ‘electronically’ stolen?

    So you don’t think Google’s data warehouse(s) are “safer” (by any definition) than your home?

    BTW, I still have nagging doubts like you though – I like *my* stuff to be with *me*. I think there’s a way to go yet regarding reliability of internet access, it can be a major problem for some people – i.e. once your connection dies, you no longer have access to all your stuff.

  4. @Steve: It does indeed depend on your definition of safer:
    – Less likely to be deleted for ever? Yes.
    – Less likely to be hacked? Quite possibly.
    – Open to being accessed by Google’s own staff? Again, quite probably.

    Bottom line: yes, IMO my data is less likely to fall into the wrong hands if it remains in my house, but your point about how much it would suck to lose your internet connection and the ability to connect to your own data is also valid.

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