Rick, Apple and the worm.

iRickI’ve seen this story covered in a variety of places and I couldn’t be feeling less sorry for the numpties that jailbroke their iPhones and didn’t change the root password. It’s Darwinian theory for the digital age.

On an almost related note, I recently sent Tim Weber, Business Editor for the BBC, an email about an article he wrote declaring that Snow Leopard had been botched by Apple, without providing the slightest suggestion of why. I got a response, but it was decidedly stock and decidedly aggro, I guessed that a lot of people had emailed in to make the same point that I made. Looks like I was right as in a recent article about Windows 7 he wrote “The upgrade process, while much improved, is clearly still fraught with dangers. And yes, one could call it botched”. Power to the people [and the beats].

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