Time Capsule R.I.P.


When I first read on TUAW about the number of Time Capsules that were dropping dead around the eighteen month mark I was intrigued, but not concerned, as I had already transferred all of my data and Time Machine backups to a ReadyNAS Duo (having identified the Time Capsule as a single point of failure and having made the decision to use it just as a router). When I read a second article reporting that large numbers of  TCs were dropping dead at almost exactly the same point in their life cycles and that somebody had even gone to the trouble of setting up a website dedicated to memorializing the fallen, I was less dismissive. I’ve known for a while now that my TC was nearing the danger zone, so when it went nuts earlier today, and by nuts I mean refusing to boot, refusing to allow configuration changes and refusing to fall back to factory defaults, I wasn’t surprised to discover that it was 17 months and 16 days old!

Update: I have managed to resuscitate the TC, it doesn’t seem 100% happy, but it is working. I’m glad Apple decided to update the Airport range this week as I suspect that I will be in the market for an Airport Extreme in the not to distant future!

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