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readynas-duoMy Time Capsule has been superseded; I realized that the fact that it contained a single non-user changeable disk didn’t make it the most appropriate backup location. The replacement is a ReadyNAS Duo, which contains a couple of 1TB Samsung Spin Points (HD103UJ) in a RAID1 configuration, and now has four Macs backing up to it. The setup, whilst not quite up to Apple standards was reassuringly simple – Time Machine is fully supported in the most recent firmware (although it could be made to work in older versions). I did look at the Synology DS-209, but it was considerably more expensive for no extra functionality, I also considered getting a Drobo, but the expense coupled with some very worrying reviews put me off, in the end the balance between price and functionality of the Duo and an extremely positive review from a colleague sold me. The biggest decision turned out to be what disks to buy; previously I have always purchased and always recommended Seagate, but they seem to have lost their way at the moment, suffering with some quality issues – hence the reason I passed on the free 500Gb Seagate ‘cuda on offer with my Duo and elected instead for the afore mentioned Samsungs.

My Time Capsule now serves as a rather expensive Airport Extreme.

7 thoughts on “Netgear ReadyNas Duo

  1. Interesting the the ReadyNAS Duo is a DLNA streaming server. I’m investigating getting a new TV and wondering if DLNA is to be a required feature. Can I rip all my DVDs onto it?

  2. Oh, and… does it mount automatically when you start your machine or when you login?

  3. @Steve: You should be able to rip your DVDs over (check out Handbrake) and then stream them off, although I haven’t actually tried this myself. I will double check if the ReadyNAS auto mounts when you log in, I am pretty certain that it does, but all of the thinking about it has given me doubts.

  4. @Steve: On OS X, then it will auto mount on log in if you save the password in your keychain. On Linux, it will auto mount if you add it to fstab.

    @Iwar: Nice, but I’m not sure that it makes sense to have the unit be separate from your TV and if it does then I’m pretty sure you could achieve the same results with an Apple TV.

  5. You know I’m a Synology fan boy, but this is a classic case of you get what you pay for. The DS209 is more expensive than ReadyNAS Duo despite having roughly the same features, but the Synology is twice as fast. Not that any NAS is ever quick enough, so perhaps it hardly matters… if you want speed, do it locally.

  6. @Chris: The ReadyNAS Duo is fast enough for my requirements, don’t forget that a lot of the time I am running wirelessly. Even with the added speed, I still think the Synology is overpriced, the drives aren’t even hot swapable!

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