Oh no you ditn’t

There is nothing worse than trying to surf the web and being bombarded with adverts. Thankfully, I use AdBlock Plus with Firefox to prevent such problems, but when testing the full release version of Safari 4.0 I discovered a few things:

  1. That the growlmail plugin still doesn’t play nice with Safari 4.0.
  2. That Apple saw sense and got rid of the tab-bar-at-the-top-of-the-window-ness that I found so disturbing.
  3. That one of the sites that I frequent fairly regularly was whoring itself out for a few extra bucks. Disgusting.

5 thoughts on “Oh no you ditn’t

  1. …and I was starting to get used to the ‘top tabs’. I’m surprised it’s not a preference.

  2. @Gruntfuggly: He removed them.

    @Chris: Glad to see that you saw sense.

    @Gruntfuggly/Chris: I found the ‘top tabs’ to be very difficult to use, I couldn’t see why the tabs should be so far away from the main window?

  3. I think the top tabs made more sense than the upside down tabs we have now. The top tabs, being on the window title bar, sort of resembled multiple windows stacked on top of each other, which is close to what they represent. The upside down tabs, by their upside down nature, don’t relate to the web page content at all and that now seems more weird.

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