Parental guidance programming and gimic infringement

I have nothing against the WWE deciding that it needs to produce programming that is more suitable for family viewing. My Mum has stated on several occasions that if I had been a young child during the attitude era, I would not have been allowed to watch wrestling – I agree with her judgment. Hang on a second though because that’s not the end of the story, the WWE can’t just decide overnight that they are abandoning an entire fanbase in an attempt to become more acceptable and therefore generate more advertising revenue. Don’t give me that crap about Vince McMahon being able to do what he wants in the arenas he hires… we pay for them with PPV sales, merchandise sales and television subscriptions. How can the WWE get all bent out of shape about fans with signs saying “Cuck Fena”, when they have been making money out of t-shirts emblazoned with “Ruck Fules” and “F*ck fear, drink beer!”. Why was the WWE not worried about young children when Steve Austin was flipping them off at live events and drinking copious quantities of beer in front of them? The WWE hasn’t suddenly grown a conscience, they just want the advertising revenue, in the words of Vinnie Mac himself, “It’s all about the mon-ay!”. I actually don’t disagree with the shift towards PG rated programming and renaming John Cena’s finisher from the “FU” to the “Throwback” seems like a reasonable enough thing, I just don’t believe the motive is anything other than money and that if it would make him more cash, Vince McMahon would abandon PG and have Shawn Michaels and Triple-H spit roast Katie Vick on RAW Monday night.

Beef number two has to do with gimmick infringement. I’ve got no problem with Michelle McCool being a part of the WWE roster. She is one of the Divas that I look forward to watching, since she can really go in the ring. She clearly worked extremely hard in OVW and DSW and continues to do so in the WWE and the fact that she is a Diva Search reject, but still made it to the big league, is testament to her passion for wrestling and her desire to succeed in life. Do I care if she is in a relationship with Taker? Not really, I doubt that gives her any extra pull, but good luck to her if it does. I do have a problem with Michelle though – her finishers. When she started using the Angels Wings I was a wee bit suprised, but hey, in reality it’s just a variation of a double under-hook facebuster so as long as the name is different it’s not the end of the world, but now she debuts her new finisher on SmackDown! and it’s the frickin’ Styles Clash!!! I know that Crash Holly used to do something similar way back when, but I can’t help but think that there is some kind of ulterior motive to her using the finishers of TNA’s male wrestlers (so far Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels and A.J. Styles). Like Eric Bischoff says, “controversy creates cash”.

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