The Sky is the limit?

Grrr! Rupert Murdoch you are an asshat of colossal magnitude, a douchebag (great word) of such enormous proportions that you actually have lots of smaller douchebags orbiting you.

Where do I start? Our very old Panasonic Sky Digibox died recently – you wouldn’t have considered it a difficult thing to replace, would you? Order one from Sky and the £129.99 charged elsewhere becomes £65.00 – bonza, except Sky insist on charging you an additional £65.00 for an engineer to come and install it and to “check your installation”. Even with a BSc in Information Technology Systems and with over six years experience in working with software and electronic systems, it seems that I was not qualified to unplug the old box and install a new one. I should point out that the only reason I called the guy from Sky a prick was because he undeniably and indisputably was one; his attempt to justify the need for an engineer by convincing me that faulty wiring could lead the signal quality to drop and that this in turn could cause the box to short out and explode was laughable. To add insult to injury, Sky were unable to promise me the Thomson digibox that I wanted – the Amstrad and Pace models look the same but have been widely criticized for their performance. Luckily, came to the rescue, they provided the exact box I wanted, at a reasonable price and delivered it promptly too.

Fast forward past the installation of the box and my struggle to get Sky to authorize my viewing card for use with the new box to last Sunday night. Survivor Series. £14.95 on Sky Box Office. I ordered the event and set my DVR to record it, as I had done every month for the last how-ever-many months, unaware that whilst the old box didn’t support Macrovision, then new one had already ratted me out to the DVR, which had subserviently stopped the recording. Cock. Despite countries like France empowering the consumer and making copy protection pretty much illegal, the UK (and Sky in particular) seemingly can’t get enough of the stuff. The only solution to this problem that Sky can offer is Sky+, but that costs a fortune and limits me to watching the programme in the same room that it was recorded in, within a week of it being recorded and within 24 hours of me starting to watch it.

Maybe the torrentors have got it figured – I should “steal” the programmes that I want to watch and dispose of my Sky subscription altogether. If only there were another way to exercise my right to view the programmes that I have paid for (insert evil laughter here).

NB: Kids, torrenting copyrighted software, music, TV and/or movies is wrong and you shouldn’t do it – doing so will leave you feeling guilty and ashamed.

4 thoughts on “The Sky is the limit?

  1. Stealing from Sky is morally a grey zone. Although the letter of the law is pretty conclusive, the general view of the telly viewing (read: bittorrenting) population is to screw one out of BSkyB at any opportunity you can get.

    Without BSkyB the license payer would still have; Lost, 24, Prison Break, Cricket, Golf.
    The list goes on.

    Oh, and probably a whole lot more footy too.

    My bet is that BBC will lose Heroes to Ruper Murdoch and his minions too.

    My plead to you is: cancel your subscription. You paying them anything is what I consider aiding and abetting.

    Rant over. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Sky+ is very nice, but I’m not impressed with Sky as a company: I hate the way they make it more difficult to downgrade than upgrade your package, and the fact that they hide the £10 per month Sky+ option in the small print, preferring you to take a pack of channels you’ll never watch. I hate that they charge £10 per month for the Sky+ only option. I hate the telesales calls trying to sell me insurance for my Sky system: £99 a year? I can insure my whole house contents for that!

    Luckily, we may finally have a free alternative: Freesat+ is go!

  3. Sky have also announced that they are freezing the price of their top broadband package…after they have increased the price by £5.

    @Chris: The problem with Freeview/Freesat is the lack of content. All of the best shows are eventually snapped up by Sky and until one of the terrestrial broadcasters fights back, that is the way it will stay. Look at the uproar over the amount the BBC spends on Heroes and this is despite the £16M spent on Johnathon Ross! The Discovery Channel is coming to Freeview next year, it will be replacing that shopping channel bollocks – shame.

    @Iwar: I feel your pain, but I cannot be without the WWE. If I can’t find a way to watch the PPVs when *I* want, then the Sky Sports subscription will likely be ditched. I am already researching alternative broadband providers.

  4. I forgot to mention earlier that by pressing the [SERVICES] button and then pressing [4] [0] [1] then [SELECT], you can access a hidden menu option on your digibox (ignore the screen, just press the keys) that will allow you to power up the RF outputs.

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