You can’t see me!

I had been getting a veritable cornucopia of spam from a particular range of IP addresses ( through 153). After getting fed up with the strange, hash-like comment spam, which askimet was initially missing, I googled for the address and found this brilliant post detailing someone else’s experience of the same problem and an explanation of how to fight back; it actually also included a host of “me too” comments, as it seems this may be a case of a new spam tool being tested before full deployment!

I have now added a .htaccess file to block everything emanating from 192.102.60.* and having read this follow up post to the original explanation, plan to install the Honeypot plugin too.

You can’t see me!

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2 thoughts on “You can’t see me!

  1. Hey there! Thanks for the link and I’ve started noticing more than just a random data string coming in from those IP ranges now. I believe the comment spamming for links has started with this guy, and it looks like he has more than just the C class of IP’s.

  2. @Ryan: Thank you for your article! In my case, blocking those IP addresses seemed to stop that spate of spam attacks (I was receiving about twelve comments a day at one point, now none). Now I seem to have a problem with someone reproducing bits of my blog without permission, I’ve reported the issue at and plan to monitor the issue.

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