Political Apathy (3.5)

Not a full update, hence the point release, but still quite telling…

This Saturday a Labour party person knocked on my door for the purpose of introducing me to the Labour candidate for my constituency. He enquired about whether I consider myself a Labour party supporter (I don’t) and how I would rate my level of support for the Labour Party ranging from 1 (none) to 5 (complete devotion); my answer was 0. He continued his questions by asking one of those stupid, hypothetical “if I held a gun to your head” type questions – would I vote red or blue, if I *had* to vote tomorrow. I begrudgingly selected the Tories, but informed the Labour person that I would in fact not vote for either party. He paused, before intimating that I was one of those people “seeking an alternative”, as if to suggest that none existed. I quickly pointed out the existence of Caroline Lucas. The Labour person stood back aghast at the beast that stood before him – a hoodie with an active interest in politics. Clearly shocked by the threat that this mutant species provided to the Labour-Conservative domination of British politics, the Labour person retreated back to the pavement, stopping only to offer reassurances that an election was still a long way off. I’m still not sure who he was reassuring, him or me!?!

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