I am not a terrorist!

I am not a terrorist! Anyone who knows me will think that that is an odd thing to say, but apparently it needs to be said as the US Army has decided that terrorists and people that support extreme ideologies are making use of the micro blogging sensation that is twitter. Do I even need to bother mocking this? Really? Well okay, but you asked for it. WTF! They could use carrier pigeons and you couldn’t track them. They could write secret messages in invisible ink, then fold that shit into a paper plane and fly it to one another… or they could just use email, telephones, VoIP or some other form of technology. What a bunch of fuckwits!

At least they aren’t proposing to collect finger prints of the general public on mass. No, that honour goes to our own Government. Are you frickin’ kidding me, you can’t keep hold of flash drives, CDs, or even bloody laptops and I’m supposed to trust you with my fingerprints. Think not!

UPDATE: Add cyber criminal to the list of charges, since being young and interested in computers, means that I must be destined for such things. And people wonder why the younger generation feels alienated…

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