A moral dilemma?

Should you break TOS because work asks you?

This was the question posed by one Slashdot contributor and was followed by a barrage of people pouring in with their two cents on the issue, but they largely fell into two camps:

  1. No, it’s illegal, it’s un-ethical and immoral, it’s just wrong.
  2. Meh! As long as you employ a suitable policy of CYA then it’s all on your boss, so don’t damage your career prospects. Full steam ahead!

I’ve never been asked by any employer to do something that was illegal. I have however, left a job due in part to ethical/moral concerns over the direction the company was heading (for details please see my posts on deathbots). So you see, I fall into category numero uno and can’t even begin to see things from the viewpoint of someone in category number two; there is no grey area for me here, it’s black and white, right and wrong. I was relieved to see that most of the commentators on slashdot echoed this sentiment and quickly filed the question posed by “Anonymous Coward” under the section titled “Do you really have to ask”.

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