A quart of Steve-ade

The latest revisions of the MacBook family have divided opinion, but I don’t understand why. The results of the new unibody manufacturing process that Apple have adopted have been met with critical acclaim and why not? Apple have managed to shed weight, increase strength and seemingly all without increasing costs!

The new displays have been met with a much more apprehensive response. For sure, the super glossy screens aren’t brilliant for use outside, but I have to say that indoors (where I’m pretty sure the majority of people use their Macs) the screens are amazing – my brother has the same thing on his iMac.

The new trackpad has also sparked some controversy, but besides being glass and not having a physical button, I am yet to see anything to differentiate it from the one on the MacBook Pro I’m typing on right now. In fact, I think the new trackpad has added the potential for a Nintendo DS style second screen and greater support for graphics apps. Hey, thinking about it, I can even imagine the trackpad being an iPhone which docks into the laptop to become a trackpad and vice versa!

The thing I really don’t understand is the furore that has been caused by the lack of FireWire (*cough* Vince *cough*). Why are people complaining about it? If you have peripherals that only use FireWire and you can’t upgrade or replace them, then maybe don’t rush out and buy a new MacBook. Alternatively, you could pony up for a MacBook Pro.

I think people need to make up their minds about what they want from Apple. For my money, we should continue to trust in Steve and allow Apple to continue to lead from the front; bringing us the best and most innovative software and hardware. Steve has called time on FireWire and that’s fine by me, as Harry McCracken points out, this isn’t the first feature that Apple have killed, it definitely isn’t the last and let’s face it, they are usually right!

After thought: I’m not that bothered about the lack of a blu-ray drive either, Amex Digital have stepped in with a USB blu-ray joint for Mac owners. Sorted.

4 thoughts on “A quart of Steve-ade

  1. “If you have peripherals that only use FireWire and you can’t upgrade or replace them, then maybe don’t rush out and buy a new MacBook”

    ..and what if you don’t yet have a macbook?

    I had been contemplating replacing my aging HP laptop (which had firewire) with a Macbook. Now I would have to junk my perfecly good pro-audio interface for a USB2 one (which as you well know will have worse latency) or cough up for a MacBook Pro. Both of which increase the cost of making the switch significantly.

    Not to mention that the new pros only have a Firewire 800, so whoop-de-doo, there’s another bundle of notes dropped on an expensive 800-400 cable.

    Bottom line is: Steve could have closed the deal with me but blew it.

  2. I’m sure Steve is mortified.

    You could always buy a refurb, or find someone with a top of the range previous gen MacBook Pro (with FireWire 800 and 400) and make them a generous offer to sell it to you. Now, if only you knew such a person…


  3. Hello, err, I have a top of the range previous gen MacBook Pro. It has maxed out memory and an upgraded 7200RPM HD ideal for audio applications (for example). I don’t think I’ll be upgrading yet though…

    I have a Pro audio interface: a Mobile I/O ULN2. Not only is it Firewire, it’s Mac Only so I would have to get one of those 800-400 cables, which at £7 a pop is a bit of a problem ;)

    I’m more concerned about the future of Apple’s cinema displays… I’d need a £65 adapter to drive my old skool 30″ display with a new MacBook Pro. When the new 30″ (or bigger!?!?) display comes out, it will naturally be armed with the new mini DisplayPort, plus will power a MacBook Pro directly, so then would be the time to upgrade both…

    In the meantime, Metric Halo may bring out a USB2 I/F card for the Mobile I/O units which will probably only cost $1000 :(

  4. @Chris: Maybe I can bring you one back from the 407? I’m taking an empty suitcase for trainers and clothes and could probably squeeze in a cable, it has got to be easier to pack then the fibre glass oar that my friend Ana had to take back to Brazil! I would imagine that £7 a go is quite expensive for a long haired, unemployed lay-about who spends all day playing Burnout! ;-)

    I do think the new display port is a bit of a liberty though, I have not yet seen anything to make me think that it is better than HDMI.

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