Security in numbers

The BBC has posted an article that explains to parents how to spot if their child has become involved with a gang. The following are the things to look out for:

  • Has your child started to use new slang words?
  • Do they have any unexplained money or new possessions?
  • Do they have a new nickname?
  • Has their appearance changed? Are they dressing in a particular style or “uniform”, for example, wearing a bandana?
  • Do they use graffiti style “tags” on possessions such as schoolbooks?
  • Do they have unexplained physical injuries?

Although no child, by this reckoning my parents should currently be saving for that expensive military camp in Brazil. Still, at least I’d get to visit Ana! So parents, be very concerned, you could be raising a gang banger… or a university educated, software engineer with a propensity for hip hop.

2 thoughts on “Security in numbers

  1. * Does your child carry a knife or a gun?

    I can’t help thinking it’s a bit late if you answer yes to the later questions…

    It would probably more useful to suggest ways of avoiding them becoming members of gangs in the first place…

  2. My new knife should be arriving in the post today. I shit you not.

    Nige, don’t you carry a knife?

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