There are 10 sorts of people in this world, those that understand binary and those that don’t.

I have finally banished the last pieces of analog equipment from my life! No more tape. My Samsung DVD-VR355 was traded for a Samsung DVD-SH875 and my mini system (R.I.P) has been replaced by some Cambridge Audio goodness. My Mum said that I never used to be “like this” and wanted to know who corrupted her little man. My response was one that she is familiar with, “Blame Chris.”.

The jury is still out on the Samsung, I’ve only had it 24 hours so I can’t really give it a fair review – let’s just say the reports of a slow EPG are not without merit, but not as much of a problem as you would think, especially given the rest of the specs. Freeview, 250Gb HDD, HDMI (up to 1080i/768p), USB, pretty much any format of standard definition DVD you can throw at it and sweet silence when it runs. I’m going to give the timer recording a few test runs before I vest my trust in it – I missed Raw Monday night because of a power cut, I can’t afford to miss the blue brand too!

I wouldn’t have called my self an audiophile before last Saturday, but my trip to Richer Sounds was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They cut me a hella good deal on a Cambridge Audio 540A amp, 540C CD player and a pair of S30 speakers, they even paid for my car parking in the concrete monster. When the guy behind the counter told me it would be a crime to use anything less than gold interconnects, I went with it, when he told me to bi-wire the speakers, I went with it. I hate to steal Joey Styles line, but “Oh, my God!“, he was so right. I’m going back this weekend to get an S90 sub, then I’m going to try and dislodge a lung with it!

Most importantly, candy black all round. Fly like a birdie (he says smiling and shrugging his shoulders).

Post tune: Chamillionaire feat: Killer Mike and Pastor Troy, Southern Takeover, The Sound of Revenge.

UPDATE: The Samsung DVD-SH875 is going back from whence it came. Playback of DVDs recorded on one of my other Samsung DVD recorders is horribly pixelated. The EPG is so slow that it is unusable, I had never tried to scroll through all of the channels before, when you do, the world grinds to a halt. It has frozen/crashed six times since I had it and worst of all it crapped all over one of my DVDs. Luckily for Samsung I had finished watching Summerslam, otherwise I would have been seriously pissed! Needless to say, a shiny new LG-RHT397H will be arriving tomorrow!

Post tune: Chamillionaire feat: Krayzie Bone, Ridin, The Sound of Revenge.

2 thoughts on “There are 10 sorts of people in this world, those that understand binary and those that don’t.

  1. You don’t want a sub, you want an Infrasonic Generator like the Wilson Benesch Torus. It’s only £3,000 (although it also needs the separate torus amp £2,200).

    This is too musical to dislodge a lung, but could reduce your height by a couple of inches at full pump.

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