The blog that laughs in the face of potential arrest!

Did you see the article about the number of bloggers being arrested around the world for criticism of governments and exposing human rights abuses. My immediate response was this: “Try me, I’ll make you famous!”. And before you start worrying Steve – Steve sent me a link a while ago to a story about a student that was suspended from school for something she posted on her blog – don’t. At least not yet..

Anyway, let’s get this show on the road, that’s right folks it’s brain dump time:

  • David Davis. Complete ignoramus or political genius? Can you believe that there is an MP who actually wants to represent his constituency based on his beliefs! No more whipped (excuse the pun) MPs voting with their party?!? I bet he’s got everyone in the House of Commons bricking it that the game is up and they might have to start representing us properly.
  • Neil, thanks for your enquiry about converting video files for use on an iPod. I took it as a challenge and have now managed to copy an entire film to my iPod Touch, I won’t name the film, but let’s just say it took 1.21 gigawatts of power to re-encode it.
  • Jehovah’s Witness given blood against will. A Jehovah’s Witness was taken to hospital and given a blood transfusion (strictly against their beliefs), despite carrying all the required paperwork to say that he did not wish to receive such treatment and excusing the people treating him from any obligation/responsibility. As much as I find the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses to be intangible, this is simply unacceptable. However, I would also add that I find it ridiculous that I now have to be a registered “keeper”, just to avoid having my organs harvested in the event of my death. Surely I should have to opt in rather than out?
  • I may have a website to design for a professional company, more details soon.
  • I have ditched Eclipse at home and am now using TextMate for my Java development. The built in support for ant is excellent, I wish I could use TextMate for all my development!

I’m out like a trout!

When someone starts a sentence with “I just want to see if this command works on your machine, so su to root and run…”. Don’t do it. Andy, your apology has been accepted (now that Vince has recovered my machine).

Ah, it reminds me of the time when a colleague said “Well, can’t we just edit the registry and change that one to a zero, I mean how much damage can it do?”. Answer: the machine needed a complete reinstall.

7 thoughts on “The blog that laughs in the face of potential arrest!

  1. Has David Davis forgotten that he is already a member of the opposition party? Don’t forget, he used to be SAS.

    If you are bothered about organ harvestation, just carry the opt out card. Surely its better this way round: more organs from people who would have been happy to donate, but just never told anyone. If it bothers you, you can opt out. Personally, I’d like to see my buttocks live on (do they transplant those?).

    Isn’t a ‘professional company’ a tautology? I guess not: there are plenty of unprofessional companies out there (even if they don’t know it).

    Was the command ‘sudo rm -rf /’?

  2. 1. But since David Davis feels that the Tories haven’t done enough to make the point…

    2. I’m going to carry an opt out card, I just think the onus should be on people to opt in. Think about it, I haven’t told you that you can’t drive my car, but to assume you can unless told otherwise is stupid.

    3. I’m not touching this.

    4. No, the commands were “su” followed by “sax2”.

  3. 1. Do you support the changes?

    2. I think the difference is that you are alive, hence I can ask to borrow your car. Whereas when you are dead, no one can tell if you wanted to donate, but didn’t get round to getting a donor card. The assumption is that for most people, when dead they don’t give a shit.

    Which leads me to ask… If you die, can I have your car?

    3. Audi and BT turn out NOT to be unprofessional companies: Incredible customer service in the last couple of days from both. So good I found it a little difficult not to laugh at times, since they were all trying sooooo unnaturally hard to please.

    3. What’s that then?

  4. 1. No. I think that the way to protect our freedoms is not by giving them up and the way to promote democracy and fairness is not by locking people up without charge/evidence of a crime etc. I am also against the French censorship of the internet and the Swedish wire tapping of all comms that pass through it’s borders.

    2. If you didn’t care enough to get round to registering as a donor then that is your problem. My fear is that my organs will be taken without anyone even checking or caring what my wishes are/were. If I die you can have my car, but you have to make the payments, plus if I die in the car you have to leave me there until you are sure I am dead.

    3. I can say the same thing about Direct Line, you get yourself all ready for some hassle and then it turns out to be easy.

    4. It’s some Linux admin/peripheral manager app, but if you run it without running Yast (think System Preferences) then your machine starts spawning a large number of processes and knocks out your screens (as well as power cycling them constantly). Bloody Linux.

  5. 1. What is the way to protect our freedoms then?

    2. Yes, but it’s not the problem of the person who has died without bothering to get a donor card, but the poor person who might have lived. Anyway, what are you going to need your organs for? You’re an athesist aren’t you? Or are you…?

    3. So do any unprofessional companies spring to mind? I had a dubious experience with Dell (I couldn’t understand what the offshore call centre operative was saying). And Jigsaw were crap when that PowerBook was DOA.

    4. Sounds like a good ‘get a Mac’ opportunity.

  6. 1. A good start would be showing the world that our freedoms are the corner stone of our society.

    2. I understand the dilemma, I just think that however harsh it sounds the onus should be on those who wish to donate.

    3. Argos, Endsleigh and Vision Express are the ones that I like to avoid, Sky used to be on the list, but have redeemed themselves in recent months.

    4. If I suggest getting a Mac again they might kill me!

  7. 1. Shoot the lot!…

    2. … Then harvest their organs, at least someone will make good use of them.

    3. Hmmmmm….

    4. Is this similar to the; “you cannot name a file *, surely?”

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