Don’t poke the bear…RARRR!!!!!

I have been watching the Phorm debacle unravel for a few weeks now. For those of you that don’t know, Phorm is a tool that your ISP can use to track which websites you visit and then sell this data, so that advertising can be targeted directly at you. It’s like Royal Mail reading all of your correspondence, so that they can work out what junk mail is most relevant to you. Now I’ll readily admit that I am no legal expert, but surely this is against the law? I would also suggest that it is likely to cost the “Big Three” (BT, Talk Talk and Virgin) a lot of custom. They claim the scheme will be optional, but I bet it’s opt out and not in and I bet they make it really difficult to do. I hope this inspires a proper debate on the continued erosion of our freedoms.

On which note…

The Government wants to subject all young men to metal detectors and security checks in a pandering attempt to fight knife crime. The experts have suggested that this will just further alienate said demographic and will exacerbate the problem (they are right). Shock horror, hip hop has once again been blamed for the problem. If you want my freedom, you’ll have to climb over my base loving corpse and prise it from my cold, knife wielding hands. It is worth noting that a row ensued between my Mum and I, as she was completely unable to see how this would infringe upon the rights of the young, how you would never get away with forcing all women/gays/black people to submit to such tests and how Hitler garnered some of his initial political success by highlighting unpopular groups as the cause of the worlds ills.

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