Keep your nuts clean!

I scrubbed them with a toothbrush, I used multi-surface polish, but I just couldn’t get my nuts clean and lets face it – there is nothing worse than dirty nuts.

Half an hour submersed in Coca Cola later and my nuts were cleaner than ever – I can fit them back on my car now.

3 thoughts on “Keep your nuts clean!

  1. But why are you bothering to clean your nuts, when you’ll be giving them up for a new set later today?

  2. @Chris: I’m not giving them back the nuts. They never belonged to them in the first place! I’m not talking about the wheel nuts (i.e. the things that hold the wheels on), but the valve caps (the things that help keep the air in the tyres).

    @gruntfuggly: Hey…ow, who am I kidding, you’re right!

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