Seriously though, how much?

When I started looking for new cars (and before I agreed to purchase “The Silver Bullet”) I checked the relative premium costs with my insurance company (shameless plug coming) Direct Line. I knew there would be an additional premium to pay, and the quoted £200 was within the realms of my expectations.

Now when you buy a car from Ford, you can get seven days free drive away cover on the condition that you get a quote from Ford Insure. Imagine my delight when a Catherine Tate character (the girl from the fast food place) answered the phone! “Can I get a quote for yourself?” Well yeah, duh?

Anyway, what do you think the quote was…£2580. I informed Catherine that this was about £1780 more than Direct Line and she asked: “so would yourself be interested in paying the extra money to be with Ford”.

Altogether now: errrrr…nah!

6 thoughts on “Seriously though, how much?

  1. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally forget a ‘2’ when Direct Line asked you how much BHP your car produced?

  2. They never asked me how many horses it has!

    Suckas! ;-)

    I was bricking it though when Ford gave me their quote, just in case I fucked up and gave Direct Line the wrong details or something. I didn’t.

    So do I currently have officially the largest engine of all igence employees past and present? A claim to fame worthy of being put on the wiki!

  3. Sadly not!

    You will recall that Richard worked with us as a student for a while (does that count as an employee?). He is just about to start flying a Squirrel helicopter, the engine of which develops 732 shp! Mind you I suppose it will be disqualified because it doesn’t spend a lot of time on the road (hopefully) :-)

  4. Helicopters are disqualified because they aren’t proper cars – although I know you can also make a case for disqualifying diesels using this rule (ZING!).

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