Well it’s better than petrol stations in London

Someone asked me an interesting question today. When I say interesting, I mean interesting if you are a code monkey, have an inquisitive mind or OCD (I fall into all three categories). Imagine there is a car park which is 100 stories high. You have a bag of marbles and want to know what is the highest level that you can drop a marble from and have it not smash. Assuming a worse case scenario and an optimum algorithm, what is the minimum number of marbles you would need?

I will post my method and answer later this week and who knows, we may even get the Mythbusters to test it out!

Disclaimer: There is little no chance of Adam and Jamie testing my method out. To quote Keith Barret, “it’s a bit of fun”, so enjoy – but no hurting marbles.

3 thoughts on “Well it’s better than petrol stations in London

  1. I’m sure Sarah would tell you that there are marks available for your working out!

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