SuSE Linux, well it’s no OS X!

I have been using SuSE Linux for a while now and I feel I am now able to offer an insightful critique of it. It’s shit. No really, it is, just look at this list of things that I have discovered about it in the last few days:

  • Lots of folders named “My xxx”, a completely pointless (and useless) nomenclature which I am sure I have seen somewhere else – oh, that’s right, Windows! I have sorted this out by adding OS X like folders to my machine, although the other people at ASL seem confused by my placing applications into a folder named “Applications”. If they were confused by my new folder names, then they were downright bemused by my attempt to copy an application around by copying the apps root folder onto my memory key and then onto another machine!
  • It’s as ugly as someone who fell out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down…and then fell into a wood chipper at the bottom. Yes, there are plenty of skins that you can apply, but I don’t feel I should have to make it look pretty, anymore that I feel I should have to start writing code patches for it!
  • It has an option to hide all of your icons. WTF! I fell victim to this option yesterday and was unable to determine what was going on, indeed, it took Andy (something of a Linux veteran) a full five minutes to determine the cause of, and rectify, the problem.
  • Now I know that running “Task Manager” type apps will use some of the CPU up, so when Andy told me not to use the one on SuSE I was not surprised, however, once he told me his reason was “because it leaks like a sieve”, I was slightly surprised.

I consider SuSE Linux to be of the same level as XP (could change with XP SP3), it is slightly better than XP in some areas and slightly worse in others – it all comes out in the wash. It is not inuitive in the way that OS X is, but more in the way that it panders to the precedence of the Micro$oft OSs that went before it. It’s hella ugly, I mean it might be free, but does it have to look cheap? People who knock Apple/OS X/Macs just don’t get it.

Authors note: Suzie Perry actually made reference to the Cupertino badboys on the Gadget Show this week. Basically, she was saying that she thought digital cameras were ugly and she wanted to design something better, as if it had been designed by Apple. See, she gets it!

Authors note 2: A design guru bloke also made reference to Apple on the Gadget Show, he used the iPhone as an example of a gadget which was both beautiful and functional. He gets it too!

7 thoughts on “SuSE Linux, well it’s no OS X!

  1. I think you should add a third author’s note: that I get it and have got just about everyone I know to get it too, including you, Dell boy!

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